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Chain maintenance issues and Lubrication

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TransVision chain should be packed before installation. TransVision chain lubricated well are handled and stored in the correct condition. It has high precision and stand up to outdoor condition while the self lubrication couldn’t. The lubricated chain will hold off other materials which damage the chain and protected system. Chain maintenance issues and lubrication are as followed:
1 Lubrication 
Correctly lubricated with good quality, TransVision chain can be protected against dirt clips and moisture. After certain working period should be with new oil lubrication. Heavy oils and grease are general heated to enter the chain working surface...
The lubricant reaches the bearing pin area of the chain, till the inner and outer plates, preferably at the bottom strand of sprocket. 
Grease lubrication
Generally speaking, the grease lubrication is not recommended. But the follow condition should be greased:
A  Low speed request
B  Grease has not to be heated till fluid and the chain are immersed and allowed to soak till all air bubble stop 
C  The chain system should regular clean and re-greased
2 Lubrication ways 
The follows is four basic way of lubricating chain drives:
1) manual lubrication with brush 
2) Drip lubrication 
3) Bath lubrication
4) Stream lubrication 
3 Work of Temperature 
Chain temperatures above 100 should be avoid if possible due to lubricant limitation. A way of improving the effectiveness of the lubrication and its cooling effect is to increase the oil volume and incorporate a method of external cooling for the oil 
4 To Measure Chain Wear 
A direct measure of chain wear is the extension in excess of the nominal length of the chain and the chain wear can, therefore, by length measurement in line with the instruction given below.
1) Lay the chain (both ends with an inner link ), after anchoring it at one end on a flat surface.Attach to the other end a turnbuckle and a spring balance suitably anchored.
2) Apply a tension load as follows:
Simple chain: p2*0.77Newtons
Duplex chain: p2*1.56Newtons
Triplex chain: p2*2.33Newtons
“p” is the pitch in mm
In the case of extended pitch chains apply a measuring load as for the equivalent short pitch chains 
As an alternative to the use of a turnbuckle and spring balance, the chain may be hung vertically and the equivalent weight attached to the lower end.
Measure length “M” (see diagram) in millimeters from which the percentage extension can be obtained from the following formula:
Percentage extension =*100
Where X=number of pitches measured
P=pitch in mm
As a general rule, the useful life of chain is terminated and the chain should be replaced when percentage extension reaches 2percent (1percent in the case of extended pitch chains). For drives with no provision for adjustment, the rejection limits is lower, dependent upon the speed and layout. A usual figure is between 0.7 and 1.0 per cent extension.
Appropriate chain maintenance can delay the percentage extension to 2percent and maximize the usage of the chain.

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