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Sprocket Alignment’s significance and basic information
1 Accurately aligning the sprocket tooth faces and shafts is to provide a uniform distribution of load across the entire chain width and contribute substantially to maximum drive life.
sprocket tooth faces and shafts
2 When alignment is correct within closest practical limits, drive the keys home and take a final check on sprocket alignment. 
Pictures shown below:
check sprocket alignment
Roller chain drive system troubleshooting guide

Download the full file in PDF, please click Roller chain drive system troubleshooting guide

TV CHAIN® Roller Chain Drive System Troubleshooting Guide

TV CHAIN® Roller Chain Drive System Troubleshooting Guide:

Chain climbing or jumping off the sprocket
♦The different size or standard between chain and sprocket
♦The Elongation of the chain or worn sprocket
♦Foreign material build up in the sprocket tooth gaps
♦Insufficient chain wrap
♦Improper installation
♦Over load
♦Decrease the load or increase the chain size and sprocket size.
♦The drive sprocket may not have enough teeth to absorb the working tension.
♦If the drive cann’t be altered. Introduce a idler sprocket to increase the chain wrap
♦Correct the match position between chain and sprocket
♦Replace the correct chain and sprocket 
♦Replace the new chain and sprocket 
♦Clean the sprocket teeth
Chain elongation
♦Lubrication failure
♦The tensioning device fail
♦Check lubrication drive configuration and loading
♦Replace the chain sprocket
♦Adjust or replace it.
Excessive Noise
♦Lack lubrication
♦Over worn chain or sprocket
♦The bolts and nut is loose
♦Improper installation
♦Provide proper lubrication
♦Replace the new chain and sprocket
♦Fasten all bolts and nuts
♦Correct the installation and the alignment
The chain is poor separation from the sprocket  teeth
♦Too much distance between two shafts
♦Over slack chain
♦Elongation chain or over worn sprocket
♦Install an idler or tensioner.
♦Adjust the distance between shafts
The chain over vibrations
♦The Chain Vibrating by periodic external force caused by a combination of chain tension, distance between drive sprocket and chain speed.
♦Adjust the effective tension by applying an initial tension or by adjusting the existing one.
♦Replace with different size chain
♦Install a tensioner to adjust the chain span or on the slack side.
♦Adjust the vibration frequency with correct speed of rotation of the sprocket due to the different chain speed.
♦The drive set should be re-set up.
The Rusting of the chain.
♦Water condensed from the air cause rust with inadequate lubrication. It also effect the joints
♦Lubrication is used to reduce oxidation and prevent rust and to seal against dust, dirt and water.
♦Replace the chain and sprocket
Excessive wear the inside of plate and the sides of the sprocket teeth.
♦Improper installation of chain and sprocket
♦Wear on the top of side plate is the chain rubbing against the chaincase or some obstruction
♦Drive misalignment
♦Check and adjust sprocket and shafts alignment
♦Remover source of rubbing by removing the obstruction or adding a jockey sprocket to control the slack in the chain
♦Check and correct sprocket and shaft alignment
mproper flexible or bending of chain, tight joints.
♦Corrosion or rusting
♦Contamination by dust, dirt, chips
♦Inadequate lubrication.
♦Chain is not installed correctly
♦Install a chaincase against corrosion and rusting
♦Proper lubrication
♦Correct the installation
♦Reduce the load or change the larger size chain
Pin fail
♦Excessively large shock load
♦A repetitive load greater than the fatigue limit of the pin
♦Reduce load to suitable the chain capacity.
♦Reduce shock load
♦Remove the large repetitive load or increase the size or number of chain
♦Install a case to protect the chain or periodically clean and lubricate the chains
Roller or bush fails
♦Over speed causing impact on the sprocket teeth
♦Tooth mark on the outside of the roller diameter can initiate failure.
♦Replace a smaller pitch chain or periodically clean and lubricate the chains.
♦Use the new chain
Plate fail
♦Excessively large shock load
♦Reduce the excess load or larger the chain size.
♦Reduce the shock load or change the heavy duty chain
♦Install a case to protect the chain or periodically clean and lubricate the chains. Use the new chain

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